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View or re-watch Aicha Othman's TV programme videos and enjoy artistic highlights and fascinating conversations with the stars of Arab art and culture.

Aïcha Show

On Al Kahera Wal Nas, Al-Nahar, and Al-Hiwar Tounsi

Aïcha Othman’s artistic career in the Arab world has taken off thanks to the ‘Aïcha Show’ programme. This Arab talk show, broadcast in prime time, allows Aïcha to interview numerous public figures and celebrities ready to reveal their most intimate secrets. Aïcha’s notable guests include Assala Nasri, Ghada Abdel Razek, Shams, Assi Al Hillani, Hamid Al-Shaeri, Hossam Habib, Saber Rebaï, Carole Samaha and Mohamed Sobhy.

The programme, broadcast in high resolution, has found a home on some of the most popular Arab channels, including Egypt’s Al Kahera Wal Nas and Al-Nahar, as well as Tunisia’s Al-Hiwar Tounsi.


On Attessia TV

Aïcha Othman has taken the reins of a leading arts programme on Tunisian channel Attessia TV. In this captivating programme, she had the privilege of hosting the most eminent icons of the Arab world, including Georges Wassouf, Mayada El-Hennawi, Ramy Ayash, Hany Shaker, Hisham Algakh, Marwan Khoury, Latifa Arfaoui, Nawal Zoghbi, and many others.

Each episode was a celebration of the music, culture and exceptional talent of these renowned artists. Through unique performances, exclusive interviews and intimate moments, Aïcha created a special bond with her audience, offering an unforgettable experience for music lovers and enthusiasts of the Arab art scene.


On Carthage+ channel

After returning from Egypt, Aïcha Othman presented the successful Ladies programme on the Carthage+ channel. The programme showcases a range of well-known female personalities in Tunisia, providing a forum for exchange and discussion on a variety of relevant topics.

Accompanied by a group of influential women, Aïcha Othman has created a platform where the voices of Tunisian women can express themselves freely, tackling topics ranging from society and culture to career and personal life.

Mon Espoir

On Ennahar TV (Algerian channel)

Aïcha Othman has extended her media fame in Algeria, marking her entry into the Arab world. There, she presented and produced Mon Espoir, a Tunisian-Algerian reality show. The programme focuses on cosmetic surgery for participants suffering from congenital deformities or the after-effects of serious trauma, including accidents.

Each participant, marked by painful memories and psychological shocks, sees his or her life transformed. Broadcast exclusively on Ennahar TV and sponsored by MedEspoir, the show quickly generated a huge buzz in Algeria from its very first episodes.

Zéro Complexe

On Star 24

Aïcha Othman has extended her influence beyond the Arab media by hosting a reality show on the French channel Star 24. The programme, entitled Zéro Complexe, follows candidates and reality TV stars who have undergone cosmetic surgery in Tunisia 24 hours a day. The programme was a great success, accumulating over 250,000 views per episode and reaching a total of 2.5 million views on YouTube.



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